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We need your HELP in getting much needed goods to Zimbabwe


We have educational materials and second hand clothing that we need to ship to Zimbabwe. It is about 10 big boxes. Clothing and educational materials will be distributed to the disadvantaged children and an orphanage. Who is Vision Inspired People Zimbabwe: Vision Inspired…

Zimbabwe students condemn arrest of its leaders


The Zimbabwe National students Union (ZINASU) in the spirit of international solidarity, condemns the arrest and clampdown on student leaders in Myanmar for organising and participating in a peaceful protest on 10 March 2015. We denounce the draconian laws being used to prosecute…

Zimbabwe students call for fresh start

In February 2009 Zimbabwe was the only country in the world without debt. Nobody owed anyone anything. Following the abandonment of the Zimbabwe Dollar as the local currency all local debt was wiped out and the country started with a clean slate. It…