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QUOTE OF THE DAY : " Thats why Zimbabweans now jokingly refer to Gono as a mere teaboy of RSA Reserve Bank Chief Tito Mboweni and Fed Chairman Bernanke.So to have grown ups like the perennial election loser , Patrick Chinamasa claiming that Gono is going nowhere defies logic " - GMRI CAPITAL SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST - GARIKAI CHIMUKA
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010
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Embattled AGO ditched as mass defections rocks party
By RUMBI MUNDIMBA    2009-05-29
HARARE - Arthur Mutambara is exposed, left in the cold and deserted by the majority of his liuetenants in the breakaway MDC faction. The Zimbabwe Telegraph can report that the Mutambara MDC has been rocked by mass defections.
At the funeral- Hardliners behaved as if they were burying Zanu PF for good
My intentions is not to abuse the death and funeral ceremony of a fellow citizen Peter Gono, but just to point out that Zanu PF continue to fail to transmit the right political message for the future of the country.
Tutu says Zimbabwe 'hell on earth'
By FRANK KUWANA    2009-05-29
Archbishop Desmond Tutu said Zimbabwe has become "a hell on earth" but expressed optimism that with the right support the country's national unity government could succeed.
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EU not yet ready to renew ties with Zimbabwe: letter
By MCEDISI NKOMO    2009-05-29
The European Union is not yet ready to establish normal ties with Zimbabwe or resume aid despite a "positive evolution" in politics there, according to a letter made public Thursday.
MDC to hold conference on progress
By MIRIAM MARUFU    2009-05-29
Zimbabwe leader Morgan Tsvangirai's party will assess progress and discuss outstanding issues hampering the unity government with President Robert Mugabe at its annual national conference this weekend.
The military cabal will seize to exist through self elimination
By HENRY RUPERT    2009-05-29
AS REPORTED by Gono’s direct corruptible sponsored pen pal, Munyaradzi Huni (Herald, May 27), speeches castigating the cabal financial mastermind from elsewhere are growing.
Parliamentarian goes on musical tour
By MIRIAM MARUFU    2009-05-28
WHILE some Members of the House of Assembly and Senators are busy discussing the constitution-making process and formulating legislation an MP for Glen View has decided to join Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Macheso on stage and tours.
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An eye for an I - A Short Story by TAURAYI TAWANDA KWENDA .
Gono must be encouraged to resign
By John    2009-05-28
MDC Putting Power ahead of activists? fate!
Rampant corruption at ZIMSEC
By CLIVE KAMOTA    2009-05-15
Zimbabwe Minister Kembo Mohadi in North Korea
By TOBBY TIZO    2009-05-14
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A conversation on the 5,000 Points of Light Initiative
The challenges and opportunities that Africa faces and offers can only be addressed and unlocked if a genuine attempt is made to bridge the knowledge, capital and execution gaps that exist partly because of the colonial legacy and more significantly because of an inherent inability of many Africans to embrace and celebrate the seemingly insignificant progress that has been witnessed in pre and post-colonial Africa.
Tsvangirai addresses the MDC Annual conference
Address to the Annual Conference of the Movement for Democratic Change by President Morgan Tsvangirai, Harare, May 30 2009
No need to fire Gono, he fired himself
The recent hullabaloo over the fate of the now ceremonial RBZ Governor, Gono that has sucked in Mugabe , Chinamasa, Dinha and the Defense Forces as epitomized by their misguided utterances at the burial of Gono’s brother is totally misplaced.

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Pro-Zanu (PF) Mutambara, has been deserted in Manicaland

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PM's party call for intervention over unresolved issues

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Parliamentarian goes on musical tour

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An eye for an I - A Short Story by TAURAYI TAWANDA KWENDA .

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