ZIMBABWE – HARARE – The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is refusing to take resignation letters from its staffers, The Zimbabwe Telegraph has learnt.

The move by the central clearing house, according to sources is because it cannot afford to pay people their packages in an event that they decide to leave.

“The situation is bad we are not motivated at the same time we cannot leave work. They are refusing our resignation letters,” said a frustrated RBZ top official.

To make matters worse RBZ workers have had their contract cellular phones cut off because of unpaid bills.

“We have switched off more than 1 000 contract lines that had been leased to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe employees as a result of failure to settle bills,” said an official from Zellco a company contracted by NetOne.

The failure to settle bills to the state-run NetOne and Zellco is a result of the adoption of multiple foreign currencies by the government which has seen the central bank abandoning all money printing activities, resulting in the Zimbabwe dollar being shelved until next year.

“People who were first affected were the ones that use lines from Zellco as our bills have not been paid for some time,” an official said.

“Initially we thought this was only affecting middle and junior managers but to our surprise most lines belonging even to divisional chiefs have also been disconnected. NetOne started disconnecting some of the lines at the start of this month and there seems to be no solution in sight.”

As a result of failure to settle the bills most central bank employees have acquired lines from Econet and Telecel.

” Although NetOne has put a facility of 30 percent discount for all payments done on time, the central bank has failed to capitalise on this offer.

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