I am encouraged by the response that has been coming through following the nomination of  pioneer, financier, banker and entrepreneur and African business executive Mutumwa Mawere for a 5000 POL Lifetime Achievement Award.

The  Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 5,000 Points of Light (POL)” or BOAF-5,000POL Lifetime Achievement Award was in recognition of Mawere’s  contribution to humanity and advancing the recognition  of the need to allow and assist Africans to develop big businesses which fully exploit the continent’s natural resources.

The responsibility to develop and re-brand Africa can not be sub-contracted to outsiders. It is an African responsibility. As such we need to identify the positive areas and build upon them.

Below is a copy of one of the many emails I received after the first article written highlighting some of Mawere‘s achievements . “Hie Gilbert, My name is Gorden Taurai Nzira and I am a Zimbabwean Gospel Musician currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. I was greatly inspired by your article that I stumbled upon in the Zimbabwe Telegraph entitled “Mutumwa Mawere a Point of Light for Zimbabwe Diaspora Community”.

Because of what I felt after reading the article, I felt that people like him deserve to be honored in any way possible, I have therefore written a song dedicated to all people who have fought and are still fighting for the betterment of our people, Diaspora or not. The title of the song is “Point
of Light” Thank you so much for the article.
*Gorden Taurai Nzira”

It is heartening to note that fellow Zimbabweans and Africans are beginning to appreciate the need to acknowledge each other and individual contribution towards uplifting our community and the continent at large.

Africa remains a challenged continent overwhelmed by many problems including poverty, war, disease and hunger .Whilst African seeks outside help it must be noted this alone will not totally liberate the continent from these various challenges .There is need to identify more points of light such as Mutumwa Mawere in Africa’s quest to seek a positive image and have notable personalities who have a story to tell on how they have lived a life of Endeavour driven to shape the world around them .

As a starting point Africans need to identify its positive areas and build upon them and start to counter perception that the continent does not have competent or capable citizens and people. Identifying Points of Light through the 5000 POL initiative is one such effective strategy of Africa starting to come up with some home grown strategies and plan to rebrand it self and move away from  the dependency syndrome.

As the initiative to identify 5,000 POL takes shape and more people are nominated it should be seen in its proper context. The initiative is not an attempt to whitewash someone’s story or path they have traveled. In every individual we can identify some positive aspect in their lives which has positively impacted those around them. The 5000 POL initiative is purely focused on celebrating the path traveled by 5000 Africans who have made a remarkable positive impact on those around them.

The club of 5,000 remarkable African personalities, legends, icons and superstars represents the best Africa has to offer in various areas of Endeavour. Each individual selected has a unique but compelling story to tell. A story that can assist current and future generations to properly communicate to each other and help strengthen the African brand.

There is never a shortage of those who criticize ,ridicule  and pull down those who seek to achieve something. What is definitely in short supply is those who stand ready to applaud when a positive deed has been done. In any business Endeavour there are bound to be disputes and disagreements. Enemies and arch enemies are made along the way. However what is important is to remain clear and understand that all business endeavors are based on one core philosophy (that of building something).

As we continue to  scrutinize and assess Mawere’s nomination it is important to note that the Company he built Africa Resources Limited employed more than 20,000 people directly through its various operational units. This is a remarkable feat for a Company that was built by a man who is a first generation entrepreneur. When a black African first generation entrepreneur like Mutumwa Mawere succeeds in building such a business empire it serves as an inspiration to other young black Africans that indeed they too can succeed in business at the highest level .

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