ZIMBABWE – HARARE – The Global Political Agreement (GPA) signed by MDC and Zanu PF principals paving way for the formation of the inclusive government IG) clearly spells out that Zimbabwe needs to re-engage and build bridges with everyone in the international community, in order to avoid possible social, economic and political collapse.

Particular reference goes to the West which has since 2002 imposed restrictive measures against the brutal government of President Mugabe.

In fact the GPA acknowledges fairly well that before re-engaging and building bridges with the wider international community or perceived “foreign enemies”, there is need for Zimbabweans themselves to find each other.

In other words there is need for Zimbabweans across political, racial, social, economic divides to re-engage, reconcile, heal their wounds and re – integrate around a commonly shared national vision.

Ten months after the signing of the GPA and six months after the formation of the IG, one signatory and partner, by the name Zanu PF led by none other than President Mugabe, seems to pretend not to understand what he signed for.

If the GPA guarantors namely SADC and AU do not move with enough haste to help the IG partners then Zimbabweans should prepare themselves for a more than wasteful system of government in modern era.

The partners are already fighting to become the best fundraiser even when there is nothing that has been fundraised to talk about.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai spent full 3 weeks in Western capitals from New York to Oslo, where he managed to bring pledges of about 500 million USD, an amount considered peanuts by the other partner Zanu PF and enough reason to celebrate as it proves to Zimbabwean voters the hollowness of MDC election propaganda for change and foreign aid floodgates.

Despite the fact that Tsvangirai’s tour of duty was a resounding success if measured in terms of the GPA’s spirit and letter of promoting Zimbabwe’s re-engagement and building bridges with the West, Zanu PF, insincere and crooked as we know them, would want to insist on wrong benchmarks like the immediate removal of targeted sanctions and an overflowing national purse with British Pounds, USD and Euros.

Zimbabwe, being a beggar as she is now, does not have the luxury of calling someone’s generosity little money, as such Zanu PF’s uncultured posturing is both in direct contradiction with our national culture and the dictates of international/diplomatic relations.

Addressing MDC supporters at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera after his return from his tour, PM Tsvangirai as the one in charge of government policy formulation and implementation correctly articulated that he was not sent by anybody to tour the West and the tour’s objective was to re-engage that part of the world and not from nowhere start begging someone’s money.

Thus, according to PM’s more civilized manner of viewing human relations, one first re-engages, establishes the necessary trust and common understanding of mutual concerns and thereafter one can ask for help.

This kind of good manneredness lies at the extreme opposite end of Zanu PF and President Mugabe’s culture of violence and jambanja, where they just tell an investor put his/her money in country then they take 51% of it, if you do not agree with them “uno chiona”.

During the same week the PM Tsvangirai was addressing supporters about his foreign trip which he also said was intended at re –defining Zimbabwe’s new foreign policy thrust anchored on safeguarding the country’s sovereignty, prosperity and harmonious integration in the family of nations, President Mugabe was reported by state media as having met a top US diplomat, a Mr. Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.

It appears Mr. Carson became an overnight “top” American diplomat for Zanu PF controlled state media propaganda purposes and given the fact that these hoodlums did not know what transpired during his meeting with their infallible hero President Mugabe.

Just like me, the state media as Zanu PF spin doctors thought that President Mugabe has found his own parallel route to re –engaging and building bridges with the Americans without the intermediation of PM Tsvangirai.

Little did they know that President Mugabe had met a “little idiot” whom he was not sure whether he was representing the world’s most admired and acclaimed intelligent man in the White House, President Obama.

Although the state media pleasured themselves on hearing President Mugabe blasting Mr. Carson whom a day before on was referred to as the “top” American diplomat, as “that little idiot”, none among themselves bothered to know whether their own was “a bigger than life and geriatric idiot’.

How and why President Mugabe, cunning and full of “wisdom”, as the state media would want us to believe, agreed to meet a “little idiot” Carson, in the first place without himself being an even “bigger, senile and brutal idiot” boggles the mind?

It was obvious to us that President Mugabe behaved himself outside standard international diplomatic language simply because the USA was “mean” to his Prime Minister on both targeted sanctions and rescue package.

More gimmicking or propaganda now surrounds this debate on the issue of the mysterious Chinese loan of USD950 million which PM Tsvangirai through his own words (I heard him on Studio 7) telling journalists that during his absence government through Finance Minister Mr.Biti signed a the agreement.

President Mugabe himself and through his spokesman Nathaniel Manheru or Zanu PF hardliners’ spokesman George Charamba out rightly denied the MDC had a hand in the concession of this loan which I doubt very much exists in the first place.

The Chinese have not confirmed or commented on the issue, forcing me to anticipate it is another Zanu PF political game similar to that Russian rescue package running into billions of dollars touted around by Manheru before the signing of the GPA.

We know pretty well that to Zanu PF, when the West thinks playing hard ball with Mugabe through PM Tsvangirai is the cheeky way, Mugabe’s spin doctors use the East particularly the Chinese and Russians, traditional economic, military and ideological rivals, to play the imperial benefits war.

But why did the PM rush himself to claim an MDC minister successfully played part to the concession of the loan by the Chinese? Politics he-e!

Again if the Chinese de facto conceded the loan to Zimbabwe whether it was Zanu PF or MDC or IG that negotiated it, why only now when Tsvangirai and MDC are in government?

Do the Chinese look more and more convinced that the future of Zimbabwe lies in the hands of PM Tsvangirai and his MDC hence it is time to show him a clean bill of health?

Does this Chinese gesture if factual, provide good political and economic advice to Zimbabwean leaders on how it is possible to defend the future interests of one’s country without necessarily compromising one’s ideology?

Surely the Chinese are by any definition good all weather friends of Zanu PF first and people of Zimbabwe both in historical and contemporary terms, but the kind of assistance they had loved to give for a long time was conditioned by the country’s capability in finding an everlasting solution to her challenges.

The coming into government by PM Tsvangirai and MDC was such a sine quanon condition for Chinese rescue package for Zimbabwe given their renowned capabilities and tradition in successfully managing leadership succession.
It is unfortunate and sorrowful to see how their beloved comrade President Mugabe has repeatedly failed to copy and improve his friends’s political feat.

Instead President Mugabe has foolishly seen this well calculated Chinese economic cooperation gesture as an ego inflating opportunity and time to molest the West and PM Tsvangirai.

In addition, President Mugabe’s behavior after meeting the so called top US diplomat in Libya should help people of Zimbabwe understand that the problem in the democratization of their country is not merely having a new constitution, but retiring this monster, who thinks and believes only his views must carry the day as national policy.

Thus from state media reports his blasting of this top American diplomat but little idiot is already the official government position, obviously violating the provisions of the GPA.and spirit of the IG.

This is the same way President Mugabe woke up one day and ordered his Zanu PF party to rally behind him in forcing the Kariba Draft on the throats of Zimbabweans, claiming the country has no resources and the existence of hidden regime change agenda.

It is a big paradox to me to identify whether President Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies are entirely his own, given Tendai Biti’s observation that this outward looking monster is in fact an English Victorian or he is a willing victim of the likes of over ambitious little idiots like Nathaniel Manheru?

All having been said, President Mugabe and Zanu PF’s political behaviour point to open desire not to abide by the provisions of the GPA and spirit of the IG.

One simply needs to look at what is happening in the Ministry of Media, Information and Publicity where the Zanu PF Minister pretends in public to be moving fast in reforming the sector only to be proved wrong by his secretary Charamba.

As Zanu PF propaganda antics and other subtle undermining acts, one after the other, fail to produce desired political results, both hardliners and spin doctors are being forced to adopt more fragrant attitudes against the spirit and letter of GPA and IG, for example the sudden return of Manheru column in The Herald this week.

Although Zimbabweans and the wider international community were made to believe that the GPA and IG represented a painful political compromise between the MDC and Zanu PF it has in fact proved to be a political stalemate in its own right.